How to Measure so2 in the air

The environment is always on the list of concerns for specific governmental agencies in the U.S. as well as many other countries abroad.

List of features

That can be found in one of the latest newly designed Industrial gas analyzers.
  • OneOne

    Comes with a Full Color Graphic Display Screen Device has a Built-In Impact Printer that can be used with non-fading paper products. Designed with Internal Memory that allows each user to perform at least up to 2000 tests. The data that is stored can be used for Logging since it has a time and date stamp feature included.
  • SecondSecond

    Comes with a PC Software Package that has both a USB along with Bluetooth Communications. Records up to 50,000 ppm since is has a Dilution Pump for an CO Auto-Range. High accuracy included with a relatively Low NOx capability. Made with both differential and Draft Pressure Measurements. Manufacturers have designed this device with 5% Bio-heat and 10 Selectable Fuel/Oil Types.
  • ThirdThird

    People can benefit greatly from its overall Efficiency, Excess Air, and CO2 Calculations. Air temperature Measurements and Stack Gas is essential to the overall plan. Lithium Ion Battery Packs come with the capabilities of being able to re-charge them. Unbreakable Metal Hose with Connectors are included to accommodate each user’s needs.


Particularly, when the results are used to make decisions like evacuating a work place when high levels are indicated. Because these devices have been designed with the latest technologies, they are simple to use for business facilities.

On the other hand, when the information has to be analyzed, the tools used to survey any area can be a lot more complex. So, the type of measurement used is based on the situation that the person or organization is monitoring.

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