Introducing 181 Kids Who Have Systematically Prevented Themselves From Becoming Obese… For Life!

An Obesity Prevention Acid Test – NOT an Exercise Regiment or a Weight Loss Strategy!!

A. Statistics confirm that the odds of kids who can do at least one conventional pull-up being obese… are NEXT TO ZERO!

B. Jack can do 3 pull ups, and Jill can do 4. So Jack and Jill CANNOT BE OBESE!

C. When started young, and given access to the right experiences MOST KIDS CAN LEARN TO DO AT LEAST ONE PULL UP in a predictable amount of time (i.e. one school year or less).

D. THEREFORE, most kids can SYSTEMATICALLY PREVENT THEMSELVES FROM BECOMING OBESE FOR LIFE by learning and maintaining (through good eating and exercise habits) the ability to do at least one pull up